"Simon Evans at Clearview is absolutely tenacious in his desire to get the best results for his clients, our experience of working with Clearview over many years has been excellent and we would recommend them without hesitation."

Trevor Geraghty – Director

"We use Clearview for a wide variety of data capture projects. These range from the capture of Embarkation Vouchers for a cruise line, to complex, highly sensitive medical questionnaires from people who have had surgery for cancer at University College Hospital.

We have been using Clearview for 10 years now and cannot fault their service. They are professional, cost-effective, reliable, accurate and flexible. They are also nice people to do business with. I would recommend them wholeheartedly."

Deb Merrifield - Director, DM Agency

“We have been using Clearview since 2010 and they carry out a variety of data capture related services for us –

1) Gone Away handling for a number of our clients. We print Clearview’s PO Box address on our mailers and they receive, capture and then securely destroy the replies, whilst providing us with a suppression file each month for us the cleanse our data

2) Competiton Entries – We send Clearview a variety of competition entries from clients and they ensure the data from each form is captured accurately.

3) CSQ’s – One particular client of ours runs an ongoing campaign to collect feedback from it’s customers. The paper surveys are sent directly to Clearview and they capture the data for us and send a data file at the end of the month.

Clearview capture our data accurately, with the minimum of fuss, but also ask relative questions where necessary. They are easy going and a pleasure to deal with”

Rowena Lane – Data Agency

“We have been using Clearview since 2005 and have a long track record of their excellent service. At the moment they currently receive and process up to 10k gone away’s each month. These are a mixture of paper envelopes and magazines. There are approximately 15 different magazine types and these all need to be manually sorted into the different titles before they can be captured. So Clearview receive the magazines and envelopes, sort them, capture the data and then securely recycle the items on our behalf. They then supply us with a data file at the end of each month.

In addition, Clearview undertake an annual project involving the sorting and data capture of approx 100k coupons. First of all the coupons need to be sorted into the different types as each type has slightly different rules for what needs to be captured. Once this is done the data is captured from all coupons.

We have found Clearview to be very reliable, their data is accurate and they are cost effective. We have always had an excellent relationship with the ever-obliging Simon Evans and his team and we hope this will continue to flourish over the coming years”

M.Connolley – Media Agency