Case Study 1 - Fast Food Retailer requiring help with Document Design, Translation, Image Overprinting and then Scanning & Data Capture

  • We were asked by this multi-National fast food retailer to help them with a pan-European data collection exercise. They undertook a program across 26 countries where engineers in each country visited stores and recorded certain pieces of information about those stores onto paper survey forms. The information from these forms was then captured and the results collated & distributed back to each country, however the exercise was not working very well for a number of reasons – poor distribution, poor information gathering & poor data capture
  • We started off by re-designing the document into an easy, user friendly version
  • We then translated each countries forms and found the existing versions were not all asking the same questions – Therefore the data capture was meaningless!!
  • Once all forms had been re-designed and translated we then undertook the task of overprinting the image based forms with Outlet name & address details for the engineers
  • The image based forms were then distributed to each country where they were printed off for each engineer
  • Once the forms had been completed, they were sent to us for scanning and data capture
  • This is an ongoing quarterly project and runs very smoothly & efficiently

Case Study 2 - Energy Supplier requiring help with Outbound Calling and general Data Capture

This particular client has worked with us for a number of years and we help them with various things, including –

  • Outbound Calling to B2B prospects in order to gather information on the prospects Boiler Age, Current Energy Supplier, Date of Current Contract Renewal etc. Any ‘live’ leads are immediately hotkey transferred directly to the client
  • Scanning & Data Capture of all marketing based paper forms, including prize draws, competitions, customer satisfaction surveys, contract renewal forms and gone away’s
  • Producing images and retrieval data for document searching
  • Outbound Calling to prospects in order to obtain new information (no selling)